Water in its natural state was free from harmful impurities and properly oxygenated. Drinking and soaking in this living water was the fastest way to receive the benefits originally intended by nature.

Held sacred by cultures around the world, water has been viewed as the true source of revitalization and ritual cleansing, legendary for its healing powers.

While ancient people built shrines around natural springs and worshipped water sources for their mythical properties, modern science reinforces the essential role water plays in the lives and health of humans and all living beings. Continued research into the benefits of nano-pure, Hyper-Oxygenated® and alkaline water presents a new paradigm for health, longevity, and athletic performance.
Water for Wellness
OPHORA Water Is:


Every cell in the body needs oxygen. Without it, cells begin to dysfunction and the body becomes acidic. When water is properly oxygenated it is an effective way to promote health, increase nutrient absorption, fight illness, and support weight loss.


Water can cleanse and nourish the human body when it’s free from toxic chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, trace hormones, chlorine, heavy metals, micro-plastics and other harmful substances that burden the body.


When properly balanced, water regulates the pH levels of the body which has been shown to prevent chronic disease, reduce signs of aging, and help the body to more efficiently absorb critical minerals.

Unfortunately, Earth’s Most Important Water Sources are Being Compromised


Humans Clinically Dehydrated


Chemicals Added to the Planet Yearly


Foods Processed with Toxic Chemicals


Yearly Oceanic Oxygen Loss
(and counting)

Our Planet’s Source Water has Become Contaminated, Denatured, and Devitalized

Tap water today is under-oxygenated and contaminated with countless pollutants. It is no longer endowed with the physical and energetic qualities necessary to support the human body. We have more than polluted our water. We have changed its very nature and removed its life-giving properties to cleanse, nourish, and heal.

Oxygenated Water is the Key to Health

Oxygen is essential to life on earth. Scientists have repeatedly found that a key commonality in all diseases is a lack of oxygen to tissues and cells, a state known as hypoxia. Water and oxygen are inseparable. Without oxygen, there is no water, no life. Using Hyper-Oxygenated water goes beyond just oxygenating the cells and tissues, researchers have demonstrated that soaking in oxygenated water can help heal skin diseases and reduce underlying inflammation that plague many people today. The health benefits speak for themselves.

The Consequences of
Under-Oxygenated Water

While some inflammation can play a vital role in healing the body, chronic inflammation is a destructive force in the lives of millions today. With over 63% of Americans living in cities, exposure to pro-inflammatory toxins is currently an unavoidable consequence of modern life. Hyper-Oxygenated water can help decrease inflammation throughout the body and counter the symptoms of low-oxygen (hypoxic) states. Reducing inflammation in our bodies improves health, quality of life, and helps heal disease. Drinking and bathing in Hyper-Oxygenated water may contribute to a more vibrant life.

Symptoms of Low Oxygenation
Lack of Energy
Shortness of Breath
Reduced Mental Clarity
Joint Tightness, Muscle Aches, Pains
Low Oxygenation May Cause
Wrinkling of the Skin
Age Spots on the Skin
Loss of Skin Texture
The Solution: Nano-Pure +
Hyper-Oxygenated WateR

OPHORA Water is available bottled, or through Residential and Commercial Wellness Water Systems that deliver water in its healthiest form to every faucet in your home. With 14 levels of filtration and the only patent-pending technology to purify, oxygenate and enrich water to the way nature intended, we’ve restructured source water to Water for Wellness.

Increased Energy

Superior Hydration

Enhanced Immune Function

Efficient Detoxification

Better Nutrient Absorption

Reduced Signs of Aging

Improved Athletic Recovery Time

THE ALCHEMY of Wellness Water


All OPHORA systems use a custom designed filter based on your local water report. Our filters utilize high-grade organic coconut and walnut shell carbon, unlike other systems that use petroleum-based carbons.


Our patent-pending water polishing feature restructures and alkalizes your water to be antioxidant-rich and pH balanced to 8.0.


OPHORA Water is filtered to be 99.99% free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, trace hormones, chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals, and harmful substances that other water brands and filtration products cannot remove.


OPHORA systems infuse your water with health-enhancing oxygen, increasing oxygen levels up to twelve times the levels typically found in municipal water.

The Result of The Ophora Process
Fresh Spring Taste of Living Water
Oxygen Levels at 40ppm
Medical Grade
Free of:
Restructured to 8.0 Alkalinity
Trace Hormones
Heavy Metals
Hyper-Oxygenation for Health

About 70% of the human body is made up of water. Shouldn’t that water be pure? OPHORA Water is stable and releases oxygen at a very slow rate. Even when open, OPHORA Water maintains its high levels of stable and bound dissolved oxygen.

Referred to as “hyperbaric in a bottle”, OPHORA Water sets the gold standard for drinking water.

Laura L.
New York

I love my new Ophora whole home water system! After I bought it I was surprised that I drank so much water. I really enjoy the taste, and without even trying I started drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. I weighed 134 pounds when I first purchased it, when I weighed myself six months later I weighed 124 pounds. I hadn’t changed my diet, I just started drinking the water. My doctor said it seems that water is one of the best diet aids and fat reducers there is. He says it suppresses my appetite, eliminates waste, toxins, reduces fat deposits and tastes great! Thank you Ophora Water!

Dr. Jeff McCombs

My family has been drinking the Ophora oxygenated water for the past year and my 9-year olds hardly ever get sick now. A big change over the previous 2 years!

Brenda K.

When I tasted your water at Berkeley Springs, it took my breath away – had to be all the oxygen! No wonder it took first prize! You truly have life-saving water systems.