Whole Home

Bio-Oxygenate Your Body’s Cells From Within.

Maximize OPHORA’s benefits through our collection of bottled water and systems, for your home and office - it’s easier than ever to drink the world’s healthiest water®.

Filtration Series
Designed for most home plumbing sizes
3/4 INCH 1 INCH 1 1/2 INCH 2 INCH
Ophora Water - UF Whole Home System

System Features

  • Filters out all contaminants to a sub-micron level, including bacteria, viruses, and cysts.
  • The same type of technology used in blood dialysis applications.
  • Arrives fully assembled, pre-plumbed, pre-wired ready for installation.
  • Integrated UV light sanitation.
  • Non-traditional water softening. Advanced scale control, non-brine.
  • Eco-Friendly, low-waste backwashing.
  • Includes Ophora Bio-Renew Under the Counter system.
  • Additional app based SAYA leak detection and comprehensive monitoring technology available.
Ultra Estate Model
State of the art design specifically for estate and commercial properties. Ophora is:
Water as Nature Intended®

System Features

  • 3rd party verified medical grade, nano-pure filtration for your whole home.
  • Hyper-Oxygenation® to 40+ ppm.
  • Commercial sized reverse osmosis membranes.
  • High output ozone sterilization.
  • Organically re-mineralized, re-structured and pH balanced.
  • Fully enclosed and climate-controlled container.
  • Remote system monitoring.
  • Fully assembled, arrives ready to install.

Additional app based SAYA leak
detection and comprehensive
monitoring technology available

OPHORA Water Technologies harnesses the power of science.

Our cutting-edge water technology removes over 30,000 known contaminants to deliver nano-pure®, hyper-oxygenated®, pH balanced, mineralized, re-structured® water. - The World’s Healthiest Water®


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I just don’t feel hydrated without it

"The taste of the water is incredible but beyond that it makes me feel amazing. I don’t feel hydrated without it. My filter fits under my sink even in my small West Village apartment. My friends come over just to fill their bottles up."

Bonnie C, New York, NY

Colony Web Solutions

Performs as it claims

"From my 20+ years installing pool systems that claim to be no chlorine alternatives, Ophora Water has created the only 100% chlorine free pool system that performs as it claims."

JP, Paradise Pool Company

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Such clean, sweet H2O

"It is easy to drink- such clean, sweet H2O. It is not uncommon to hear the clients comment how good the water tastes and how refreshed they feel, drinking it after their massage."

Jennie Zaine, Clinic Supervisor

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