Oxygen is the basis of life. It is the source of energy for all of your cells. Reduced levels in the environment, as well as bad eating habits, pollution, all reduce oxygen levels in the body. If cells cannot get enough oxygen for energy, they turn to fermentation for it, a process that creates an anaerobic environment in the body.

This anaerobic state disrupts cell metabolism. It causes cells to malfunction, not to participate anymore in healthy body function. Instead, cells begin to manufacture dangerous chemicals that can infect whole-cell groups, tissues, organs, and ultimately cause weakness and disease. It upsets the immune system, preventing it from protecting you against viruses, bacteria, and other invaders. It makes you sick.

For the medical community, this is important information. A shortage of oxygen in the blood is a likely root cause of immune disruption and the start of dreaded health issues, among them the worst and most feared, such as cancer, AIDS, leukemia, seizures, candida, and even neurological deterioration. However, by increasing oxygen available to cells, many of these conditions become avoidable.


There is huge brouhaha about oxygenated water, and for good reason. It combines stabilized oxygen with life-giving water, in the process offering many health benefits. Stabilized oxygen is safe, non-toxic, and defines as a stable liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen, available to the human body in molecular form. Electrolytes are simply dissolvable substances that conduct electricity.

Stabilized oxygen formulates the body’s two most important and abundant electrolytes, being chlorine and sodium, which enable bioavailability and act as oxygen carriers into cells. It is the digestive process that releases molecular oxygen, by mixing with stomach acids, which then travels into the bloodstream and, from there, into your system.


Tap water is not what it used to be. These days, our source water comes abundant with contaminants and barely any water filter. Devitalized, all goodness denatured, tap water fails to endow folks with the energetic and physical properties required to cleanse and nourish the body. Instead, you get pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, chlorine, and more. Polluted tap water is more harmful than healthy.

Stabilized oxygenated water, on the other hand, is pure, restoring water into a nourishing and natural state. A single glass of tap water only contains, on average, between 7 ppm and 12 ppm of molecular oxygen, whereas you will find levels of available oxygen much higher, around 1,000 times higher, in oxygenated water, which measures around 12,000 ppm. What are the benefits of this?


More oxygen means more energy. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, oxygen is essential for all human functions. It is the primary source of energy, being what powers cells and tissues to do their jobs and keep the body moving. The more oxygen in your body, the more energized you will feel.


Oxygen allows the body to retain moisture for longer, as well as use it more efficiently. The less oxygen you have, the faster you dehydrate. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, optimal hydration is essential for cognitive function, making increased oxygen beneficial to the brain too.


The body cannot fight off disease effectively with a weakened immune system. A lack of oxygen will quickly compromise the ability of your immune system to do its job. Increasing oxygen levels in the body will help to keep immune function healthy and working to keep you free of disease.


It is crucial for the body to detoxify itself of poisons, whether they are free radicals from the environment or those we ingest in our food, water, and air. Without sufficient oxygen, all detoxification processes fail, but adding oxygen will help flush the body of harmful toxins faster and more efficiently.


You need oxygen to absorb nutrients. Cells rich in oxygen are more equipped to absorb nutrients properly and make good use of them throughout the body. If oxygen levels are low, the bioavailability of nutrients decreases, so your body struggles to give cells the food they need to function.


Oxygen is the most important and effective “antioxidant” you can find anywhere in nature. When skin cells receive enough oxygen, they are able to revitalize more efficiently, replace dead cells faster, and improve skin elasticity immeasurably, whereas oxygen deprivation speeds the aging process.


Increasing oxygen levels in your body has only positive effects, on both your mental and physical well-being. Ingesting oxygenated water adds around three percent additional oxygen to your cells, who receive it direct from the bloodstream. Pure stabilized water is proving miraculous for many, but for those still using polluted tap water, a water filter is a non-negotiable necessity, a matter of life or death.