What is Functional Water? Definition and Health Benefits

As the demands of consumers become more expectant, it is increasingly obvious that plain ol’ water is just not good enough anymore. It no longer satisfies human needs; because it is just not functional enough.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it Consumers today are notably more aware of their health than older generations in the past. The more health-conscious folks become, the more incentivized scientists are to manufacture functional water so beneficial it would defy imagination just a decade ago. The long rule of sweetened soft drinks, carbonated junk, finally ends. The time of oxygen bottled water has come.

What is Functional Water?

Water is life. Without it, we all die, plant and animal alike. Functional water is drinking water, but with compounds added at the molecular level. According to the American Chemical Society, this occurs either through optical, mechanical, or electrical processes, which is what gives it its various functions, other than just hydrating, of course. The whole secret is molecular.

Benefits of Functional Water

However, when you start considering the many and varied health benefits of functional water, the conversation really turns interesting. Its positive impact on health is its most notable benefit. Oxygen bottled water offers a horde of promising effects, some of which include:

  • Heightened Immune Response

Higher levels of oxygen in the blood increase immune response and boost overall immune health in the body. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, oxygen supports the body’s ability to fight off disease and prevent much of its development in the first place. The added vitamins, minerals, herbs, oxygen, and other essential elements of functional water can help the body’s defense mechanisms.

  • Improved Mental State

Oxygen also improves mood, as does CBD and other supplements added to functional water. It increases mental alertness, sharpness and focus. It helps you concentrate in a happier state, especially water with compounds that stimulate iron and iodine production in cells, which will help you think clearer and feel better overall. It will also help protect you from anemia and other related disorders.

  • Increased Hydration and Nutrition

Oxygen Bottled water has altered molecular structure, the molecules cluster together and when you break down these clusters, the water has a higher boiling point. This makes it “wetter,” which means it has lower surface tension and higher viscosity, making it more absorbable, bioavailable and hydrating.

Smaller water molecules easily penetrate cells, delivering their benefits faster and more efficiently. In this way, functional water is capable of administering energy more effectively than tap water. Your body will have a stronger nutrient uptake and keep you hydrated for longer.

  • Lowers Acidosis

Lactic acidosis, or painful muscle fatigue, is common after a heavy workout, an almost daily occurrence for some sportspeople. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, mineral rich water and other functional water reduces levels of lactic acid in muscular tissue, particularly oxygen water, which prevents lactic acid formation by maintaining aerobic cellular respiration during exercise.


Functional water is water the way nature intended. It is truly water for wellness.

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