Every cell in your body needs water. Not just any water, but good water. Life depends on it. The only way to stay alive is to keep hydrated, drink water throughout the day, or at the very least whenever you are thirsty. Many claim alkaline drinking water healthier than what comes out of the tap, and there is some evidence to support these claims.


Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen, hence its name, H2O. The quantity of hydrogen ions present in water determines its pH balance. According to the United States Geological Survey, there is less hydrogen in alkaline water, which has a higher pH, than ordinary tap water. The less hydrogen in water, the higher its alkalinity. The pH level of any given water can range anywhere from zero to 14.

Seven, the middle range, is neutral, an even balance between alkaline and acidic. Water measuring below seven on the pH scale is acidic. Higher than seven and it is alkaline. Alkaline drinking water measures higher than seven on the pH scale. However, to achieve this, companies use a water softener, an ion-changing device, to change the pH level of water from acidic or neutral to alkaline.

A water softener device also swaps the hardness-ranging ions, such as magnesium, calcium, for sodium ions, hence the “softener” in its name. To compare, black coffee has a pH of around five, orange juice around 3.3, both acidic drinks, with pure water measuring a neutral pH of seven. However, tap water available in the United States, depending on your state, measures acidic too, a pH of four or five.


Alkaline water, ionized by a water softener, is ideal for both drinking and cooking. Consuming alkaline water offers several notable health benefits, the effects of which can significantly improve mental and physical wellbeing, and even help in the treatment of some diseases. It works by restoring the body’s own pH balance, typically by reducing levels of acidity in the body, as well as by these properties:


Antioxidants neutralize free radicals from the environment. These include pollutants and other contaminants, all of which speed up the aging process and make you vulnerable to disease and other health complaints. Alkaline water has potent antioxidant effects.


Alkaline drinking water is high in alkaline minerals. Those such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium are essential to human health. There are others too, far too many to name, unlike tap water, which loses its nourishment during its passage through various treatment plants.


Because alkaline water contains fewer hydrogen ions, the water cluster size is much smaller. This makes it notably easier for cells to absorb, and therefore, super hydrating. Compared to tap water, with its large water cluster size, alkaline drinking water offers far more hydration. You need much less of it.


Oxygen is crucial for health, function, and happiness. The more oxygen cells receive, the better they perform. Alkaline water contains higher concentrations of oxygen since its hydrogen ions are fewer than neutral and acidic water. This increases the quantity of dissolved oxygen in the bloodstream.


Alkaline drinking water energizes in a few ways. Increased levels of oxygen provide more energy at the cellular level, and negatively charged hydroxyl ions play an important role in increasing overall alertness, clarity of mind, and energy levels too.


Higher alkalinity lowers the body’s need for storing fat. It curbs acidity, which not only helps to prevent disease but also sends acidic waste to less critical areas of the body, ultimately protecting vital organs from acidity and aiding in both weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight thereafter.


Alkalinity stops mucus from congregating in the colon. This detoxifying improves your ability to absorb nutrients. It also flushes out unwanted toxins and acidic waste, as well as cleanses the body of chlorine, pesticides, and other pollutants effectively.


Any water softener device can exchange hydrogen and make water more alkaline. Companies are investing in this technology to revolutionize health both for individuals and for society. Oxygenated and alkaline drinking water is making headline news for good reason, and folks attest to its benefits in droves. Anecdotal evidence exists aplenty, but to know if it will work for you, you have to try it firsthand.