When water goes anywhere near surfaces that love it, called hydrophilic surfaces, then it undergoes a molecular transformation that forms structured water. Similar to ice, water molecules combine in single-layer sheets of hexagonal structures. However, unlike ice, no protons glue these sheets together, so they move independently. Very flexible. Most cells are hydrophilic, so most of your water is structured.

With so much to consider when transitioning to healthier living, it is imperative you really focus on the water that you drink. The very life of your family depends on it. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, your body is mostly water, structured water, same as the water in fruit, vegetables, and other plants. All of it structured, completely attracted to hydrophilic surfaces, those that want it there.


Tap water, even bottled water, is unlikely structured anymore, unless it comes from a pristine and secret spring or well. Even then, restructuring is beneficial. Water is hydrating, its purpose to keep moist our cells. Oxygenated water delivers minerals, nutrients, and energy, all while detoxifying various systems and maintaining crucial bodily functions. Here are some more reasons to drink structured water:


Cells assimilate with water molecules slowly, one by one. When unstructured, water molecules clump together, but when structured, they align correctly, enabling easier hydration and nourishment for cells. As a result, it requires less energy to hydrate the body. Some laboratory tests show water restructuring positively after passing through a structured water unit just once.


All bodily functions rely heavily on energy. Energy is an integral component of life. Oxygen water offers an excellent source of structured water, which promises quality energy, of the biophotonic life-force kind, for the body. Some studies show notable increase in biophotonic energy after restructuring water, but not the type of energy that leads to crashing, like caffeine, but rather, a sustainable, lasting energy.


A filter will always be important if your water contains pollutants, but it cannot structure water, which can make some toxins inert and create exclusion zones. Filters also clean the water of memory. Water is liquidized crystals, and like crystals store computer memory, water has the ability to store memory too. Many studies of water distorted by negative and positive energies and sounds show this clearly.

Since we consist primarily of water, it is healthier to have structured water if you want harmony with your body. Oxygen water also promotes an aerobic environment, which encourages healthy bacteria and starves any out to do harm. Simply passing through a device that structures water restructures hydrogen bond angles positively, while clearing negative memory and providing oxygenated water


Naturally, the surface tension in structured water is lower than most unstructured water. This makes it softer, smoother, more palatable, and more bioavailable. It also prevents house-damaging mineral buildup, and it is easier to drink than any other water. The harder the water, the worse it tastes, the more undrinkable it becomes. Oxygenated water is the softest structured water available.


Structured water is balanced, returning natural balance to you. You can treat water many ways, but spinning water through the vortex of a special helix-shaped flow in a specialized chamber, with balls tuned precisely with more than 80 natural earth elements, understanding starts to get blurry. This positive static energy does not leach minerals, and no contaminants or pollutants anywhere in sight.

In nature, natural water spinning, such as flowing down a waterfall, or roughing it over rocks, is the first structuring phase. The second is the infusion of energy from the earth elements. This process returns natural balance to water, ultimately helping to return natural balance to your mind, body, and life. Structured water is essential for true health and wellness, and science is talking more about it.


By the time water reaches your tap via your pipe system, the pipe has created static electricity, which breaks down water’s structure. Further, when stored long in plastic, water stagnates, spoiled by the plastic chemicals themselves and the environment. Restoring structure to oxygen water is vital. Several devices mimic the dynamic energization of nature to restructure water at home.