OPHORA Water Technologies harnesses the power of science to restore source water back to its healthiest state - the way nature intended.

How it all began

In 2010, alarmed that municipal source water had lost its ability to deliver water’s life-giving properties to cleanse, nourish and heal, water expert, Ken Guoin and entrepreneur, Christen Brown, founded OPHORA Water Technologies.

Having grown up on lakes and fresh mountain streams, OPHORA’S founders knew both the crystalline taste and energetic vitality present in “health” water. Distressed that municipal and bottled waters had become degraded, devitalized and denatured, the founders dedicated themselves to restoring source water back to its pure, structured and functional state – the way nature intended it to be. Gone are the dangerous contaminants including; pharmaceuticals, micro-plastics, chlorine, carcinogens, pesticides, and heavy metals.

OPHORA Water achieves nano-purity® and balanced alkalinity using 14 levels of filtration to remove carcinogenic and other damaging chemicals from source water.

Nano-purity® is just the start, stabilizing oxygen in water was the ultimate goal. Currently OPHORA Water has 4 U.S. Patents granted for its state-of-the-art processes that infuse high levels of molecular oxygen in water.

OPHORA Water’s nano-pure®, hyper-oxygenated®, and crystalline, re-structured® water combines natures two greatest nutrients, oxygen and water.

With benefits including increased energy, superior hydration, enhanced immune function, improved blood oxygenation & circulation, and faster athletic recovery times, OPHORA is truly the World’s Healthiest Water®

We produce the World’s Healthiest Water® by harnessing the power of science to restore source water back the way nature intended.

We’re proud of OPHORA®’S award winning water, and excited to offer it to you.

OPHORA is a proud member of 1% for the planet, sharing in their mission for a healthier, sustainable planet.

OPHORA is bottled exclusively in recyclable glass.