The importance of drinking enough water is widespread knowledge. However, fewer know to filter it first, to rid it of the many harmful chemicals it contains. Even fewer realize those chemicals are just as dangerous, if not more so, in the shower. Hot water releases even more chemicals into the air, as well as into your skin and hair, and it opens your pores, making them even more absorbable.

Unfiltered shower water is really rather hazardous. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it comes riddled with all manner of contaminants, including chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, fungi, and worse. Your showerhead feeds all of this to your skin and hair, which can have notable consequences for your health and happiness. A quality shower filter cleans the water and provides these benefits:


Locks suffer greatly under unfiltered water. Hard water especially contains oxidizers and minerals that leave hair feeling hard and dirty, despite washing and rinsing repeatedly. Even worse, these residues block moisture, preventing your hair from hydrating itself. The result is dry hair that breaks easily and a flaky, itchy scalp. A shower filter-feeding hyper-oxygenated water will restore your hair to health.


Dry, itchy skin, psoriasis, eczema, and many other skin issues are due to hard water and its abundance of chemicals coming out of your showerhead. It leaves skin feeling dry, tight, and even scaly, with a sticky residue that demands immediate moisture. Installing a shower filter often clears up any skin conditions, and it certainly makes your skin feel softer, more hydrated, and healthy once again.


Showering in chlorine may even be worse than drinking it. The skin absorbs these chemicals easily, so it enters the bloodstream quickly, particularly when the water temperature is high. What is more, chlorine interacts with other water compounds to form trihalomethanes, or THMs, a very harmful byproduct. Chloroform is the most famous of these THMs, a powerful tranquilizer. A shower filter removes chlorine.


Air pollution is undeniable, especially indoors. Cleaning products and scented candles are primary culprits, but shower water also offends. Hot water vaporizes, releasing dangerous THMs. Hot air also increases pore size, so skin is even more absorbable. It opens lungs too, so you inhale these chemicals effortlessly. Using a shower filter removes these chemicals from the air to benefit skin, hair, and health.


The specific chemicals in tap water have links to skin cancer, other cancers, and even other health issues. Many studies find using chlorinated water increasing the risk of rectal, kidney, breast, bladder, and yes, even skin cancers. Research shows that patients with skin cancer have significantly higher levels of chlorination byproducts in their blood and skin than those without cancer. A shower filter is crucial.


There is no doubt that filtering your shower water is essential for healthy skin, hair, and overall wellbeing. Adding hyper-oxygenated water to the mix offers even more protection and benefits than just installing a shower filter. The evidence is clear: It is paramount that you take precautions that can prevent exposure to chlorine for you and your family, particularly when it is so easy and cheap to do.

Many different shower filters are available today. Some are pricier than others are because some remove more chemicals than others do. Some soften the water too, while still others add hyper-oxygenated water to the system. You can find bath dechlorinates and other water cleansers, but short of a whole house water system, simply fitting a shower filter to your showerhead is an important first step.