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It's easier than ever to taste the healthiest water on earth. Available by the bottle or can, Ophora Water is Nano-Pure, Hyper-Oxygenated, Alkaline, and ready for sipping or spritzing. It's time to return healthy hydration to the people.
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when one sip
just isn’t enough

You’ll never go thirsty with our flexible subscription plans. Choose from gallons or ½ gallons to keep you running on the only water designed for your wellness.


750ml Glass Bottle

Simply put, we’ve bottled the healthiest water on earth. Harnessing the power of science to return water to its most natural state, OPHORA sets the gold standard for the safest, most delicious water for wellness. We Nano-Purify, Hyper-Oxygenate and pH Balance source water to restore its life-giving properties which cleanse, nourish and heal the human body. Are you ready to taste water the way nature intended?

wellness water
from every faucet

Created to bring the healthiest water on earth directly to you, OPHORA has designed a variety of systems to suit your individual needs. The only Water Systems to nano-purify and hyper-oxygenate, choose from our Whole Home water purification and enhancement systems to receive the safest, most pure and delicious water from every faucet in your home. Our Pool and Spa Systems ensure you swim and soak in chlorine-free water that will saturate your cells with life-giving oxygen, and our Point-of-Use Systems provide more versatile options for great tasting water free of pollutants in the home or office. Our Agriculture and Commercial Systems eliminate the burden of toxic chemicals tainting our food and help share the benefits of healthy water with more people.