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Bio-Bath Water Perfection System
Easy-to-install bath add-on for a healthier bathing experience.

Please contact us to purchase: 1 (866) 928-7247

Due to our skin’s high absorption rate, our Bio-Bath water perfection system removes excessive amounts of chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals. Chlorine can bond to our skin and form cancer-causing chloramines. Hot water vaporizes chlorine that we inhale directly into our bloodstream. Our Bio-Bath is designed to remove over 50% of our daily chlorine exposure that comes from bathing or showering.

  • High-grade ceramic technology for long-term removal of chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals
  • Suggested filter cartridge replacement 2-3 times per year, $30 each


*Each OPHORA System is built to accommodate the particular needs of individual buildings, properties, and municipal water reports. Due to the custom nature of each System, the features discussed on this page represent possible filtration levels. Please contact OPHORA to discuss your System options.