OPHORA Wins Gold

Gold Medal Water at its finest! 

The 2021 Berkeley Springs 31st International Water Tasting Competition announces

OPHORA Water’s second GOLD MEDAL win for Best Tasting Purified Drinking Water!
The largest and longest running water tasting event in the world, referred to by Buzz Feed as “the most prestigious water tasting.” A panel of nine judges sampled water from five continents, with OPHORA receiving top marks!
This win comes as no surprise for those who have already experienced the pure, light-on-the-tongue, oxygen-rich taste of water the way nature intended it to be.  OPHORA’s gold medal water is consciously bottled in glass to reduce the unnecessary burden of single-use plastic bottles.
OPHORA’s Award Winning Water is Nano-Pure, and Hyper-Oxygenated® to deliver unparalleled oxygen content with superior intra-cellular hydration. Santa Barbara’s very own OPHORA Water is based on science, independent clinical data, and results.
  Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated!