OPHORA Ultra Estate
Whole Home System

The Ultra Estate Home System was designed for the health-conscious family looking for the best tasting, ultra-pure water available today. The Ultra Estate System nano-filters to 0.0001 microns and ultra purifies, delivering high quality, oxygen-rich, restructured water to every faucet in your home. Drinking, bathing, and showering in OPHORA Water is one of the most important steps you can take to promote good health. In a world of mediocre, mass-produced water filtration systems, the OPHORA Ultra Estate System is ideal for health-conscious individuals. With its 14 layers of robust proprietary filter media, our patent-pending system has been specifically engineered as the ultimate solution to the substandard and problematic source water flowing into our homes. This isn’t just another carbon-based filtration system labeled as a whole home device by the water industry. OPHORA’s Ultra Estate technology is the only guaranteed and proven methodology for removing all known (and rarely-detected) pollutants from source water, including difficult to remove pharmaceuticals and trace hormones.

  • Infused with adjustable 15-50 PPM stabilized oxygen
  • Free of Residual Taste and Odor
  • 80% less waste water then comparable Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Integrated Anti-Leak Technology
  • Portable pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and totally self contained
  • Crated and shipped anywhere worldwide
  • Simple Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Exclusive 1-Year Limited Warranty

Levels of Filtration


Microns Nano-Filtered


Pollutants Filtered


sq ft Homes Accommodated



Alkaline & Ionized



UV Sterilized

Drink Delicious Water Right From Your Tap Free of *

Feel the Power
of Wellness Water

Hyper-Oxygenated Water at Home

Beyond the highest levels of filtration available, OPHORA’s Ultra Estate Home System incorporates Hyper-Oxygenation to produce the healthiest water available. The use of Hyper-Oxygenated water goes beyond just oxygenating the cells and tissues, researchers have demonstrated that soaking in Oxygenated Water can provide a pathway to healing the diseases and underlying inflammation that plague so many people today.

Custom Built to your Water Report

In addition to being the most robust water filtration and improvement system on the market, each Ultra Estate Home System is custom-built to accurately purify and treat the source water at your home. We analyze your municipal water report to build a system that filters your specific pollutants, heavy metal and fluoride levels, and more. 

Wellness Water from Every Faucet

A refreshing glass of water in the morning, your revitalizing nighttime soak in the tub, sending your family’s clothes through the washing machine, and the watering backyard vegetable garden – your family’s daily lives depend on water. The Ultra Estate Whole Home System eliminates all the pollutants and toxic chemicals plaguing tap water today and ensures your whole body, including skin, receives only the benefits of the healthiest water on earth – right from your tap.

The Cleanest Water You Can Give Your Family

No other Home System on the market delivers 14 layers of filtration, Nano-Purification down to .0001 microns, removal of all the common water pollutants, plus pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and trace hormones, giving you the confidence that your family is drinking healthy water the way nature intended.

*Each OPHORA System is built to accommodate the particular needs of individual buildings, properties, and municipal water reports. Due to the custom nature of each System, the features discussed on this page represent possible filtration levels. Please contact OPHORA to discuss your System options.