Our Nano System, with its two high-performance platforms and 12 layers of robust proprietary filtration media, is for people who are dedicated to enhancing their overall good health. The Nano Whole House System delivers unparalleled pure, richly restructured, anti-oxidant water throughout your entire home, nano-purified to 0.001 microns. This system is far superior to traditional carbon-based whole house systems which do not remove all heavy metals and other pollutants from source water and are susceptible to mold during periods of non-use. The Nano system removes 99.99% of dissolved solids (filtering to 0.001 microns). Our final UV sterilization process ensures that with or without constant use, our Nano System produces 99.99% bacteria-free water, even in the event of a boil alert. Best of all, in addition to producing pure water, our Nano System delivers spring tasting, restructured water that is richly re-mineralized, perfectly alkaline, and highly anti-oxidant.

The Essential system includes the OPHORA Bio-Renew Under-The-Counter System.

A Reverse Osmosis System that fits perfectly under your sink, providing pure OPHORA Water.

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  • Optional Hyper-Oxygenation
  • Free of Residual Taste and Odor
  • Custom-Built to Your Water Report
  • Includes Bio-Renew Under-the-Counter System
  • Portable, Pre-Plumbed, Pre-Wired, and Totally Self Contained
  • Crated and Shipped Anywhere Worldwide
  • Simple Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Exclusive 1-Year Limited Warranty


Levels of Filtration


Microns Nano-Filtered


Pollutants Filtered



UV Sterilized


Alkaline & Ionized

*Each OPHORA System is built to accommodate the particular needs of individual buildings, properties, and municipal water reports. Due to the custom nature of each System, the features discussed on this page represent possible filtration levels. Please contact OPHORA to discuss your System options.