“I’ve teamed up with Ophora Water Technologies to maximize my performance and recovery.” – Odell Beckham Jr. Wide Receiver Cleveland Browns 

2021 Ophora Stainless Steel Hyper-Oxygenated® Spa 

Ophora is proud to have played a part in the recovery journey for Odell Beckham Jr. Getting him ready for his best season yet! 

OPHORA is continuing to push the envelope to bring you the most up to date, unique, and powerful healing modalities delivered through nano-pure®, chemical free, hyper-oxygenated® water. Currently unavailable anywhere else on the market, our patented, cutting edge technology provides only the purest soaking experience imbued with unmatched levels of bio-available oxygen.

OPHORA’S hand crafted 2021 Stainless Steel Hyper-Oxygenated® Wellness Spa features

100% chlorine and saltwater free sanitation
Elevated levels of bio-available oxygen
(increasing oxygen levels in the blood by 30% after one half-hour soak)
Nano-pure® water (Ozone and UV light sterilized)
390 Gallon stainless steel vessel
Accompanying support platform
Integrated automatic roll top cover
Smartphone control integration