Our bodies’ two greatest needs are for oxygen and water. Oxygen naturally increases hydration, enhances immune function, improves digestion, increases nutrient absorption, and boosts energy levels.

This revolutionary Hyper-Oxygenating System produces oxygen-rich therapeutic water thereby stimulating the bodies’ bio-oxidative capacity for detoxification.

Our Hyper-Oxygenation System consistently produces high levels of stabilized oxygen in water. This is significantly more oxygen than what you would find in the most ideal natural aquatic environment.

The Hyper-Oxygenation System produces water with up to 50 parts per million (PPM) of stabilized oxygen, maximizing the full therapeutic benefits of oxygen, whether drinking or soaking in OPHORA water. This system is designed to be added onto existing OPHORA Whole Home Systems.

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  • Optional Add-On for OPHORA Essential, Micro, Nano Systems
  • Adjustably Infuses Water with 15-50 PPM Stabilized Oxygen
  • Pre-Plumbed, Pre-Wired, and Self-Contained System
  • Designed to Your Specific Requirements
  • Annual Maintenance Contract