Bio-Oxygenate Your Body’s Cells From Within.

Maximize OPHORA’s benefits through our collection of bottled water and systems for your home and office - it’s easier than ever to drink the world’s healthiest water®.


is available online and in selected stores.

Case of OPHORA Water
1/2 Gallon Jugs

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Case of OPHORA Water
750ml Bottles

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Ophora Water - Bottles & Packaging

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The Ultimate Luxury is having an OPHORA Water System in your Home and Office.

OPHORA Water - Bio-Renew Under the Counter Water System

Under the Counter

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OPHORA Water - Bio Quantum Water Station - White

Water Station


OPHORA Water Technologies harnesses the power of science.

Our cutting-edge water technology removes over 30,000 known contaminants to deliver nano-pure®, hyper-oxygenated®, pH balanced, mineralized, re-structured® water. - The World’s Healthiest Water®


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Water is actually enjoyable to drink now

"I had no idea how big of an impact water would have on me. Seriously, water is actually enjoyable to drink now. In the car, after the gym, I can tell a difference drinking this water. I can't imagine what taking a bubble bath in this stuff is like."

Tyler Ankrum, NASCAR Driver

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I drink so much

"OPHORA is the best water I ever tasted. I drink so much, 10 pounds melted away."

Maria A, Atlanta, GA

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"Just purchased gallon jug and went straight back bought 6 more. As an inside joke with my friends, I always show up with a fancy bottle of water to try and yours was the first where I was really like – woah! Just wanted to share!"

David B, LA, California

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Better than any water

"I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a wellness water, OPHORA, and I would recommend this water all day long! Ophora Water tastes better than any water I've ever drank."

Deb K, Wichita KS

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No more headaches

"We live at 8,500 feet elevation; when we travel to lower elevations and return home, we immediately reach for Ophora water. No more headaches, fatigue, and stomach upset!"

Carrie D, Woodland Park, CO

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Water is life’s essence

"I could feel the difference in hydration. My workouts became easier, and I felt happier. Water is life’s essence and good water is hard to find. But your health and well-being equates to your quality of life."

Cassandra M, Irvine, CA