Chlorine pools are joining the annals of history. Chemicals are damaging to your health, the environment, and pools themselves, giving enough reason for folks to demand a chlorine free pool. The alternative is safe for all. You can even drink it. Pools are insanely expensive. Popular features make them even more costly. Protecting this investment is paramount, and chlorine does not do it.

Pool owners across California are demanding effective ways to protect the longevity of their pools. Companies are complying. You want your pool to last, and you want to enjoy it safely throughout. This is why drinkable pool water is now more popular than chlorine and other chemical-based water. It involves installing a water purification system, using either ionic copper or natural oxygen.


Those white, chalky, hard deposits of calcium carbonate, found on taps, baths, toilets, and yes, pools, is frankly ugly. Also called scale, this unattractive substance is near impossible to remove without harming the pool in some way, and you can never restore it to its former beauty. Scale is common in chlorine and salt systems, and it destroys pool equipment as well, most notably the heater, but pumps and more too.

Chemically, scale is not possible in a water purification system, at least not in a drinkable water pool system. Folks are unwilling to use chemicals in such expensive investments, refusing costly and destructive issues, such as scale. Besides the safety aspect of having a pool filled with drinking water, this is likely the main reason for the turn away from chlorine.


Chlorine is just bad for you. It is incredibly unhealthy. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, chlorine causes a myriad of health problems. Salt is highly corrosive, despite what pool builders have been claiming to the contrary for decades. It will corrode your gorgeous and pricey pool, no question about it. It also cakes on skin and causes other issues, including sodium-related ailments.

Over time, salt has proven highly damaging. In just a few years, pools equipped with salt systems show its corrosive effects, on the equipment, pipes, pumps, plaster, and everywhere else. In essence, your pool rusts. What is more, chlorine binds with sweat and urine to cause red eye, burning, and skin irritability. None of this is an issue with a water purification system.


Chlorine is a notorious bleacher. It will bleach the plaster, tiles, and other features of your pool, eventually causing colors to fade. The initial pigments used to color your pool, from the floor to the walls, can change quite dramatically, fading to such an extent that your pool may appear another color entirely. A chlorine-free pool maintains its color much longer, some would say indefinitely.


Pools with a water purification system are better for your hair and your skin. Even your swimsuit. Fading swimsuits are an issue with both salt and chlorine systems, which also bleach your hair, and cake on your skin. A pool with drinkable water has no chemicals to rinse off after your swim, and it causes no fading or bleaching of either you or your swimsuits. The water is clean, as are you when you get out.


The use of safe drinkable pool water comes directly from the technology transfer program at the National Aeronautics and Space Program, or NASA. It relies on water treatment systems used in space, capable of killing harmful organisms and providing the cleanest drinking water. It has been widespread in the pool industry for at least a quarter of a century already, even if its experts remain few.

Expensive pools require high-end solutions that guarantee a pool’s longevity and health. Chlorine free pools are the latest trend with no sign of slowing down anytime soon, promising only further explosion in popularity. The NASA technology used to provide drinkable pool water helps pools in a variety of ways, all unavailable previously. The risk of using chlorine and salt is too high for most pools these days.