Crystalline Platform Under The Counter Restructuring Add-on POINT OF USE SYSTEMS
OPHORA Bio-Renew
Under-The-Counter System
A Reverse Osmosis System that fits perfectly under your sink, providing pure OPHORA Water.

This is the industry’s most affordable and robust under-the-counter purification and water restructuring system available today. It features six robust layers of micro-filtration down to 0.001 microns that turn compromised source water into natural, fresh, spring tasting OPHORA Water.

This unit, similar to our other systems, produces Nano-Filtered OPHORA Water that is richly alkaline, mineralized, ionized to be highly anti-oxidant and hydrates on a cellular level. This system includes a German-made high-quality lead-free faucet, anti-leak, and anti-scale technology as well as two additional filtration cartridges.

After experiencing the pristine waters of the Himalayas we were committed to creating a drinking water system that would clean and purify city water, reintroduce trace minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium and would raise the pH, lower the ORP, energize, enliven, and soften the water to give it the taste and feel that one would experience drinking from a mountain stream. Once you taste the difference you will be convinced.

  • Produces a Never-Ending Supply of Nano-Filtered Reverse Osmosis OPHORA Water
  • Uses Pre and Post Coconut Carbon Filtration, Nano-Filtered Membrane, and an Alkaline Restructuring Cartridge
  • Totally Self-Contained with German-Made High Quality Lead-Free Faucet
  • Purification Unit Dimensions: 18″H x 14″W x 6″D
  • Pressurized Holding Tank Dimensions: 11″ Diameter x 15″H

Levels of Filtration


Microns Nano-Filtered


Optional Hyper-Oxygenation

Alkaline & Ionized



UV Sterilized

Drink Delicious Water Right From Your Tap Free of *

Feel the Power
of Wellness Water

*Each OPHORA System is built to accommodate the particular needs of individual buildings, properties, and municipal water reports. Due to the custom nature of each System, the features discussed on this page represent possible filtration levels. Please contact OPHORA to discuss your System options.