Ophora Water Technologies

Ophora Water Technologies LLC is an engineering, manufacturing, and consumer-directs sales company that designs and develops hybrid water improvement products. Our mission is to create innovative, chlorine-free, no-waste, green technologies for drinking, bathing, showering, and swimming. It is our goal to exceed our customers expectations by vigorously developing state-of-the-art, dependable, low-maintenance water perfection systems, products and accessories. Our systems are customized to meet our client’s specifications.

Mr. Guoin

During the 1970′s while at the University of Michigan, Mr. Guoin began working with physicians on a water improvement system that would purify source water without the use of harsh chemicals. He began experimenting with different purification technologies and focused on using a powerful combination of U.V. Sterilization and High-Output Ozone Purification to replace the use of chlorine. Later alarmed by the dangerous contaminants in our municipal water supplies, he focused on removing all harsh chemicals and pollutants from drinking, bathing, showering and swimming water.

Using an extensive variety of technologies, he invented a system that was powerful enough to separate anthrax spores from their shells, eliminating the threat of bio-terrorism, while providing the purest form of drinking water. Since then, he has developed a variety of residential and commercial purification systems and patented his flagship product,  Bio-Quantum Technologies, which is the only guaranteed methodology for removing 100% of all pharmaceuticals and trace hormones from source water.