OPHORA Water Technologies produces Water For Wellness® as nature intended it to be. OPHORA’s restructured functional water is not only nano-pure but Hyper-Oxygenated®.
OPHORA also designs, engineers and manufactures state-of-the-art water improvement products and systems. Our mission is to create innovative, chlorine-free, no-waste, green technologies for drinking, bathing, showering, and swimming. We strive to exceed our customer’s  expectations by vigorously developing dependable, low-maintenance water perfection systems, products and accessories.


1st Place
2018 Best Tasting
Purified Drinking Water
Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting


Proven Purity – Spectradyne Laboratories officially classified OPHORA as “Ultrapure” water of Type 1.


Isotech Testing Laboratories certified OPHORA Water’s Dissolved Oxygen content at 69.0 parts per million.


OPHORA has a United States patent for their Hyper-Oxygenation process and has three other US Patents Pending


In 2010, alarmed that municipal source water had lost its ability to deliver water’s life-giving properties, water expert Ken Guoin and writer/entrepreneur Christen Brown founded OPHORA Water Technologies to solve this problem.

Distressed that water had become degraded, devitalized and denatured; contaminated with pharmaceuticals, micro-plastics, chlorine, carcinogens, pesticides and heavy metals, they dedicated themselves to restoring source water back to its structured functional state just the way nature intended.
For OPHORA’s co-founder, Ken Guoin, stabilizing gasses in water was the Holy Grail. In 2020 the U.S Patent Office granted him a patent for his process that binds and stabilizes oxygen to water. OPHORA’s Hyper-oxygenated ® drinking water is not only nano-pure, it also contains 40 ppm of oxygen for increased energy, superior hydration, increased immune function and faster athletic recovery time.

We’re committed to donating 1% of our sales to the preservation of our planet’s fresh waters and wild spaces.